PVD Coating

At Premisys Automation Business Center, we provide turn-key Solutions for PVD Decorative Coating and Tool Coating Segments. We can provide you with the complete ARC/Sputtering System, Process and Support with reference to Metallic Deposition and Reactive Sputtering of Compounds like Titanium Nitride, Zirconium Nitride, Titanium Aluminum Nitride, etc, for the following Applications

  • Laboratory Equipment for R&D in Coatings
  • Cost-Effective Model Equipment for Institutions for Educational Purposes
  • Tool Coating Industry
  • Decorative Coatings

Our PVD Coating Machines are fully Automatic Systems, requiring negligible Human Intervention during the Process. The Coating Machines have the following Value-Added Features which immensely help the Users for easier Machine Management:

  • Self-Diagnostic features for all the Critical Functions
  • Computerized Process Parameters & Recipe Management
  • Automatic Alerts for Periodic/Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Machine Monitoring

Computerized PVD Coating System

Reactive Sputter Controller for titanium Nitride