Gold Electroforming

At Premisys Automation Business Center, we provide turn-key Solutions for Gold Electroforming. We provide you with the complete Electroforming Equipment Hallform, Process and Support for Manufacturing 14kT ~ 18kT Hollow Jewelry and 24kT Gold Pendants, Idols, Dental Copings etc., with HALL MARKING Compliance.

Hallform Gold Electroforming Machines are fully Automatic Systems, requiring negligible Human Intervention during the Process. Various Capacities can be Custom-Developed for Specific requirements of the Users. We also provide you with necessary Technical guidance and support for Computerized Master-Making. The Hallform Electroforming Machines have the following Value-Added Features which immensely help the Users for easier Machine Management:

  • Self-Diagnostic features for all the Critical Functions
  • Computerized Process Parameters & Recipe Management
  • Suits any Chemistry (Enthone, Umi-core etc)
  • Automatic Alerts for Periodic/Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Machine Monitoring

Hallform Computerized Electroforming Equipment