Embedded Solutions

At Premisys Automation Business Center, we assure to provide a Techno-commercially ideal solution to your Automation needs. Our constant Research and up-to-date skills have equipped us with a wide spectrum of methods & choices to develop the most ideal solution, especially when your need is very specific and does not meet the 'Viability-index' when using Standard Products from the Market. In such cases, we choose to Develop and provide Embedded Solutions to fulfil your requirements.

Some of such Custom-Developed state-of-the-art Solutions are:

  • Gform8 Gold Dental Electroforming Equipment, the first & only Equipment in INDIA
  • RTS 2.0 Watch ECB Testing System, the first & only System in INDIA
  • Impact Detection / Vibration Sensing System with PLC Interface
  • PC based 3 Axis DRO with Software Stroke Limits
  • Gx-100 VAV Controller for Fume-Hoods and Biological Safety Chambers

Developing the Hardware for an industrially challenging environment is a certainly critical task and we at Premisys Automation Business Center have a thorough understanding of the key factors which directly influence the outcome. We ensure to follow the norms which in general are ignored by most:

  • Ground & Power Planes: Providing individual Ground and Power Planes for Analog and Digital zones instead of discrete connectivity @ the PCB Level
  • Isolated Power: Individual, Isolated Power supplies for Analog and Digital Circuits, with Discrete Common Points
  • De-coupling: Effective De-coupling at each and every stage of Circuitry
  • ESD Suppression: ESD Suppressors at all critical points and gateways
  • Signal Isolation: Galvanic / Opto Isolation for all Analog / Digital Signals from exterior world
  • EMI Suppression: Guard Rings for all Critical / Sensitive Signals
  • PCB Layout: Choosing a purposeful PCB Layout rather than going only by Aesthetic Component Placements
  • Routing: Ensuring Shortest & Widest possible Tracks
  • Package: Usage of Surface mounted Devices for minimum Lead Inductance and hence lesser Signal Reflections
  • Source: Emphasis on usage of ORIGINAL Components, directly procured from manufacturers
  • Fundamental: And…not the least, we know… the success of any Hardware Development lies in the Circuit Designer deciding the PCB Layout and Routing criticalities… Not the PCB Layout Draftsman.