About Us

Dear Customer,
Premisys Automation Business Center is a Company for OEMs & End-Users of Automation Technology. If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer or a Quality-conscious End-User looking out for a reliable Partner to Support you in your Innovative Ventures, you are in the right Web-forum...

We could be easily one of the FEWEST companies in INDIA who can provide you with Complete Solutions in every Domain of Industrial Automation… We DONOT Buy-and-Sell Products or Solutions to our Customers like in the case of many of the Solution Providers… instead, we Design & Engineer Solutions from Specification to Completion in each of the following Domains...

At Premisys Automation Business Center, we are concerned about your Resources… With an expertise which roots from decades of meticulous ground-work, Innovation and Expertise, our key Focus has been on the following in order to deliver True Value to your Time and Money:

  • Best Design & Manufacturing Practices benchmarked to International Standards
  • Quality ingredients through use of Certified Products
  • On-Time Delivery
  • First-Time Acceptance
  • Predictive Machine Management
  • Remote Diagnostic Support

At Premisys we undertake Custom-Developed and Turnkey projects in various Domains which are quite distinct from each other. With a 100% success-rate, we have been a one-Stop Solution provider for every of the Research and Automation need of the End-User. Following are the various Products and Services which we provide to different Segments of our Clients worldwide:

Jewelry & Decorative Coatings

  • Vx1200 PVD Coating Equipment for Decorative Coating Applications; Turnkey PVD Solutions
  • RCS 2x Closed-Loop Reactive Sputter Control System for Decorative Coatings
  • Hallform Gold Electroforming Equipment for Hollow Jewelry Manufacturing
  • 3D-Art Design, Master-making through Rapid Prototyping, for Hollow Jewelry Manufacture
  • Gform8 Gold Dental Electroforming Equipment

Machine Vision Systems

  • Metrologix Vision Software with Custom Profiles and DXF Import for Grinding Wheel Truing
  • Automatic Inspection and Sorting Applications

Laboratory Controls

  • Gx-100 VAV Controller for Fume-Hoods and Biological Safety Chambers


  • RTS 2.0 Watch Testing Systems
  • Eplat Automated Nickel Electro Plating Line with PLC/SCADA based Control system

Welding Controls

  • CDRx Capacitance Discharge Resistance Welding Controller
  • ACRx AC Resistance Welding and Spot Welding Controller

General & OEM Support

  • Embedded Applications and Solutions (Custom Solutions, Instrumentation)
  • PLC / SCADA based Automation (Special Purpose Machines, Process Automation)
  • Remote Machine Access and Control
  • Biometrics, RFID, Building Management Systems
  • ERP Integration to Machines & Machine Data Management

Our Vision

To be the most trusted Automation Partner to OEMs & End-Users